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Review by Charles Morris: "Little Clouds. Waterford Crystal guitars, cracking lyrics, distinctive and a touch folky vocals. Class! Music by musicians. The charts could do with 'musicians'."

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9 Nov 2008 17:06Thanks from the addu got a real nice vibe here im feelin truss from a bournemouth musician to anuthakeep doin uBlessSir Mic

17 Oct 2008 15:23Hi thanks for the comment. Love the music Eve

Hi!Thank you so much for the request.Im glad to meet an amazing band like you.Keep up, you're doing a great job.Lov:Du12/01/11: Vi Vi (Vince Stone) just left a timed comment on Drive Away the Dark. It goes a little something like this:

"Very nice track beautifully sung :-)"

Review – Peachy Jane at The Winchester 10th April 2010 by Marylyn Cropley (Freeplay)

Firstly...think the Winchester is a brill venue...and suited the band...the crowd seemed to be enjoying themselves and the music... Think on hindsight an encore from Peachy would have been good...they were going great guns then stopped suddenly! I could have done with a couple more numbers from them at least! More confidence here! The content was brill a good eclectic mix...would have liked to see more people get up and dance...including me!



"Bournemouth based unisex rock band PEACHY JANE graced us with their presence on the live stage. I always like a hard rock band with female vocalists, as it introduces a new element to hard rock. Although ultimately a hard rock band, Peachy Jane's sound also includes
slight reggae undertones, immediately and sub-consciously putting the audience at ease and making them feel laid back and ready to enjoy the music."

"As usual Solid Air are on the ball with their Fem Vox event on Monday the 16th. Check out Peachy Jane featuring Rebecca Fludgate on rhythm guitar and sister Vicky on vocals. Saw this band at a really enjoyable gig recently at The Tripp Late. Strong original material encompassing a variety of styles. Graham Brown on drums and Simon Kang on bass provide the backline, while lead guitar is provided by Daniel Kietzmann. With Jenny Venus + Louise Brown on the same bill, this will be another classic Solid Air event." - Ian Peterson, Live Wire July 2007


Peachy Love Stu Johnson (Weymouth)

This song is one of their best yet. The brief intro (would have sounded even better if it had gone for another couple of bars) sets the whole rhythm and tone of the song. An acoustic guitar rhythm sound overlayed with a neat electric guitar riff complements Vickys' vocals perfectly for the first verse. The rhythm of the acoustic then cleverly builds the bridge, ready for the chorus...

I'd sure like to know what's going on in Becas' head at this point, because the sound of her guitar becomes more apparent, and combined with what she's actually playing here, it might be described as almost 'menacing'...? that can't be right, can it...? or is it more 'mixed or frustrated emotions'...?

The chorus then comes in nicely, breaking the tension that has been built up.
This is really nice as Vicky pours her heart out, over Vicky’s harmonies in the background. Vickys' voice is very different to many singers. She doesn't 'go with the crowd'... her voice is quite unique. At times there's a sort of emotional vunerability to her voice/singing which i really like. On a purely personal note, I would like to hear just a little more echo/reverb on her voice, or perhaps some double/triple tracking to emphasis this aspect.

Getting back to the song... Breaking the usual 'song format', there is then a small bridge that brings the song into the next verse.
This is another aspect where Peachy Jane differ from a lot of bands, Beca expresses her feelings, and gives the song a great 'feel' through her guitar playing in a way that is a bit different to many guitarists. You can't simply classify her as a rhythm player, oh no...her playing is very much the 'heart' of the song, very emotive, in an almost naive sort of way. (and I hope she'll forgive me for saying that, it is meant as a compliment), because her expressive style is original and certainly leaves its' mark.

The next verse goes along nicely with some neat vocal (tricks)/phrases, and then there's that bridge again...this time even stronger than before, with the edition of a synth? playing some low end notes. Brooding and pondering..?, (sorry Becs..) it hangs onto that last chord as long as it can, almost to breaking point, and then the chorus kicks in, trying to burst the banks of...? frustration...sadness... anger and hurt...? expressing some of the emotional turmoil that is, the 'human condition'...

The final verse ends with an observation...? no... a hard fact, of how precious life is, and how vunerable, we as people, can be....

This is a great song by Beca and Vicky, it's not 'slushy' or pretentious, but tells things as they are.


Comments on our latest EP Who is She and Keep the Faith

EP Who is She: "Just listened to the new songs. A really strong and confident sound, impressive! To my ears the band have taken real step up and I'm looking forward to the Four Horseshoes. Thank you PJ!" Mark Carter

Keep the Faith: "I like this! I like this!" Jay Duke

JEnelle 30 May 2010 11:01 Awesome music

gailsreps gail reynolds 4 Jan 2009 19:49wow, cool stuffgailxx

4 Jan 2009 23:00Hey BecaYou got some great tunes. Hope to catch one of your gigs in Bournemouth sometime. Have a great 2009.Doug

Paul Stillwell - Painti… 7 Nov 2008 20:40hi Beca, cool pic.I get lots of friend requests from bands on here and rarely listen to more than a few seconds of their first song but yours had me hooked, and ended up listening to all of them, (you have no idea how rare it is for me to say that!) So refreshing to hear really talented original music. Congrats to you all, I may come to your gig if I can make it.All the are the only band on my top friends!




"Peachy Jane brought their brand of rock - an amalgam of perhaps Jefferson Airplane, Fleetwood Mac and any number of guitar-driven outfits - to life in the second half and despite some of lead-singer Vicky's vocals being lost in the guitar-mix, it was clear they wanted to put on a good show. Kicking off with one of their best numbers, Dragon Dreams, the rhythm section showed themselves to be a tight unit - and lyricist Beca's strident guitar soared across the driving beat. A couple of new songs were dropped into the set - sadly whilst the structure and interest was there, more practice was needed - but that will come. Bizarrely, a distinctly average cover of Fleetwood Mac's Rhiannon cropped up, but the situation was soon remedied with storming versions of Harmony - and a song with real soul, Soho. By now, Peachy Jane had gelled and earlier diversions forgotten.They added an encore, an accomplished take on the Neil Young number. Keep On Rocking In The Free World. Covers are a difficult animal, but this one was tamed and provided an upbeat end to a fine night out."

Read original review here



"I like music that takes me by my lapels and grabs my attention. The EP Live At Active from Peachy Jane does just that. Dragon Dreams is a great opener, shakes out a stupor and makes its mark. The opening riffs of Harmony, bearing echoes as it does of The Hour Glass and The Allman Brothers, takes you by storm and soon has you tapping your foot along to the nostalgic vocals. Soho opens with a wide and low dirty riff, whilst still having a feel of swing to it. Heart totally contrasts the rest of the EP, with guitar work wanting you to float away down a river somewhere. The backbeat, almost reggae feel to I Know switches back and forth with a raunchy and enjoyable chorus. Over all this EP entertains and enlivens, with upbeat vocals and harmonious guitar works."




BBC Radio Solent South Live Demo Panel Review of Drive Away the Dark Sunday 2nd May 2010 hosted by Phil Jackson - review of original mix


Claire Lloyd – worked in A&R, promotions, BMG, Island, NME weekend, runs KL Press

Bob James – producer/manager of Mystique, worked with EMI, Sony

Nick Coquette – One Little Indian, worked with Skunk Anansie, Depeche Mode, writes reviews in The Source.


Nick Coquette: “It was ok, it felt like quite a long build up into the chorus, for that build up you kind of expect a crescendo chorus and it mostly delivered on that. The rhythm guitar bit seemed quite similar throughout but not necessarily a bad thing. I noticed that they were influenced by heritage acts. I imagine the Stevie Nicks swishy skirt thing going on, quite nice, not bad, not bad at all.”

Bob James:" I thought the intro actually was quite stunning, I think the first minute of song pretty much had me hooked, I thought the vocal there was actually quite haunting, for me when it got past the first minute and went up tempo that’s when it lost it for the song. I don’t think it delivered at that point, I think, I felt the song itself could have stayed down tempo, whether any influences maybe thought for a single it needed to be up tempo I think it could’ve stayed down tempo making it much more atmospheric but the vocals very, very good. I didn’t get it after the first minute. The first minute I thought was brilliant."

Claire Lloyd: "I agree with Bob about the beginning, I prefer the beginning, quite intriguing I like the voice sort of retro sort of voice and then as soon as the chorus kicks in I was expecting it to go bigger. What sprung to mind was Snow Patrol for me Chasing Cars, it was nice you know staccato, but I mean the chorus needs to drive more, maybe a few more guitars in there or piano."
























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