07/10/12 We have decided to end the band Peachy Jane, we feel that it's run it's course and we both want to do different things now. I (Beca) am currently working on a solo project and hope to start up a rock covers band and Vicky plans to start doing something new herself next year. I would like to send heart felt thanks to all the musicians who have played in the band and given their time, effort, and creativity into creating the Peachy sound, I feel that we achieved a lot over the time we were actively gigging, playing many gigs at pubs, clubs and festivals and we had some great times :)  

We have at last finished our new song Little Clouds, here is a simple video for the song, as yet only released on You Tube. The song features Joules Kilgallon ssessioning for us on guitar and bass. Carl Chamberlain recorded and mixed and helped produce the song and also lent us some of his great guitars for use on the track. We had two mixes to choose from in the end and decided to go with the original mix of guitars that we left the studio with intitially as we felt it was better. We've just done a simple video for now as we wanted to get the song out there and heard by people. We hope to start work on something more uptempo soon but are also busy starting to record the next new song for our album so it maybe a while until we can get to it.

01/03/12 We had a great audition tonight with Harry Evans who we are pleased to announce is joining the band on drums. Harry will be making his debut with Peachy at our forthcoming gig on 24th March at The New Inn, Wimborne Road Poole - come and see us!  
21/01/12 Working on a new song called Little Clouds at the moment. We are aiming to produce a new album of material this year, all new songs with a more mellower feel. We are still seeking other players to join the band - bass player and drummer to be specific, plus a lead guitarist and/or a keys player- however, until such time as we have a full band we are available for acoustic gigs.  

At last we've been able to release some of our songs on iTunes, heres a link:

03/09/11 Vicky and I did an acoustic gig at the Musicosity Festival playing our new song Love Life live for the first time. It was a lovely gig on the beach with beautiful sunshine, sea and sand :) For more info on Musicosity visit  
08/08/11 We have decided to concentrate on producing new songs in the studio for the time being but are interested to hear from any like minded musicians who would like to form a band with us for live work. If interested please contact - musicians we're looking for are bass, drums, lead guitar, keyboards, harmony vocals  


We played an awesome gig at Swanage Carnival on Sunday night to a crowd of about 60-80 people with Roger Deacon-Smith as our special guest on bass. Big thanks to all who came to see us.

Sadly our line up of Joules Kilgallon, Jake Daniels and Leigh Greenham is now no more. Leigh had to leave in June due to work commitments and now Joules also has left due to family and work, and Jake wants to concentrate on his own band and exams later on this year.

We had an awesome sound with these guys and there was a great vibe in the band for the music. Joules brought some beautiful playing to the songs especially Keep the Faith, Love is You, Dragon Dreams, Crashing Trees, Water or Wine and Broken Bridge. Likewise Jake was totally awesome, he is a major young talent, his playing on Who Is She was awesome and Keep the Faith especially. Leigh was brilliant also having a great sense of what to play for each song and a full bass sound, again producing the songs in the right way for the songs like Love is You, Crashing Trees and Keep the Faith.

Thankfully we managed 3 recording sessions over this year and this gives us a good starting point to try and find new people. We did some great gigs (Poole Park Festival, The Winchester, Champions, Four Horse Shoes Festival, Swanage Carnival) and had a lot of fun and we are sad but we plan to find new players and do more gigs.

We are currentlly seeking new band members - bass, lead guitar and drums.

05/06/11 THE FOUR HORSE SHOES MUSIC FESTIVAL 4TH JUNE: The day was hot and sunny and there was a good crowd of about over 2500 people. Rocket Dogs were the first band on did a good covers set and there were some fine acoustic sets from the second stage. We got up on the main stage around 6.30pm - still sunny and warm. The stage was awesome, 40ft wide with great lighting and p.a. system. The festival was really well run and there were loads of activities for families - we had a go at Shoot Out! and were rubbish! I thought about Zorbing but no...

The gig was enjoyable although I was nervous :L - I think we all were a bit as it was one of the biggest crowds we've played to so far and only our 3rd gig together. Once we got going though it came together well and the crowd got into it which was lovely, especially our songs Risky, Falling and Drive Awaythe Dark. Thanks to Snead for being a fan :)

At first it took some adjusting to hear things properly on stage as we didn't have a sound check just a line check and then straight into it. After the first song though it was ok. The sound techs were brilliant and helpful.

Highlights for me were Vicky's singing on Drive Away the Dark, Joules's solo on I Know, Jake's drum solo and Leigh on Risky and Keep the Faith. Also after we'd done our set it was a band called 71 Chain whose front man is Chris Lappage and I loved it. Really good thought felt lyrics and great playing.

We've got some photos and video which will be online soon. We hope to be back there next year.
03/06/11 Released new recordings and 2 new songs last week which were recorded at Active Music, big thanks to Martin for his help and support :) Brill solo by Joules on Love is You which was great to get recorded at last. We also recorded I Know once more and we've a new song called Falling which is one of my favs at the moment plus a song by Joules called P.S. I Love You. Our new song Who Is She got some airplay on HopeFM this week, big thanks to Tim Heywood for playing it on his Livewire Live show. More musings on our Facebook page at  
15/04/11 We've been working on several new songs recently in preparation for going back into the studio in May. We're also rehearsing and building up our set of originals and covers. New songs which we're working on are Who Is She?, Don't Push Me Away and P.S. I Love You (by Joules.) Some of these we're going to record along with some of the older songs.  
27/02/11 We had a lovely gig at the Winchester last night, it was great to launch the new band there. It was our first gig together since forming over Christmas last year so it's been a while to wait to get on stage together for the first time and it was great :) Connie recorded the gig so we're hoping to put up some live tracks and Sunnie and Grish were doing photos and video - big thanks to Alex, Mark and Connie for such a good night.  
09/02/11 Here's the link to Keep the Faith on Soundcloud:  

We've released a new version of our song Dew Drop, you can here it here

We are soon to release another completely new song called Keep the Faith which will be on-line soon.


We've been booked to play the Winchester on Saturday 26th Feb, plus our song Crashing Trees is going to be played on The Bay Radio this week on Wed, between 7-8pm and on Thursday between 8-9pm. Listen online at on on 102.8FM :) and we're back in the studio at the end of the month for another session - busy times!

03/12/10 We've just recorded our new EP Crashing Trees at Active Music with our new line up. Crashing Trees is a brand new song written earlier this year plus we've re-recorded Broken Bridge, Water or Wine and Dragon Dreams. You can download the whole EP which includes Drive Away the Dark for for $6.00 ( £3.80 apx) here. This was our first time in the studio together and we hope you enjoy the new sound!  
28/10/10 Nice gig on Monday at The Hobbit, a quiet night but it was a Monday! It was Leigh's first gig with us all and it was cool to get on stage together for the first time. We're now busy working on getting things together with our new drummer Jake for gigs next year.  
02/09/10 We had a fantastic time at Poole Park Fest. We played Stage II on Sunday, this stage was hosted by DJ Radio, a new local radio station for Bournemouth, Christchurch and Poole. The are online at We were then asked to play the main stage on the Monday and it was amazing. Big thanks to Elaine and all the Friends of Poole Park for putting on this great event. There were about 3000 people there when we played (in the main field) and it was our biggest gig yet - we have some video of the gig here of us doing Love is You. We hope to play the fest next year as a full band.  

Leigh Greenham has joined Peachy Jane on bass. Leigh is an experienced bassist with influences such as immy Hendrix,Led Zeppelin,AC-DC, Floyd,Jaco Pasatorious, Flea,Mastodon,Staind,Bonzo dog doo/daa band,all rock,jazz and blues.

Leigh Greenham - Bass


We finished our remix of Drive Away the Dark this week. Many thanks to Martin Condon of Active Music for all his help and support. The song features Graham Brown on drums and Beca is doing the guitars / keyboards with Vicky on vocals. The bass line was written by Steve Chapman. The song is available for download now for 90 cents from our download page.

To here a preview of the song click here


Since the band took a break back in June to seek a new guitarist, Bram Stoker, Rob Haines old band have reformed so he has now sadly had to withdraw his commitment to Peachy Jane. Rob is a fantastic drummer and we enjoyed our time working with him. Steve Chapman also made a considerable contribution to the band musically playing on our new single and gigging with us at some of our most memorable gigs so far. We wish them both the best of luck in their future musical endeavours.

Currently we are auditoning bass players and now obviously seeking a drummer to complete the line up.


Julian Kilgallon has joined us on lead guitar. Joules is an experienced and versatile guitarist whose previous bands included Road House Bound and Killa Kangorrillaz. He has also played with a celtic folk band. Jules will be making his first appearance with Peachy at Poole Park Festival on Sunday August 29th - we're on stage at 2pm. We are still seeking a bass player so if you'd like to audition please email

Joules Killgallon - Lead Guitar

09/06/10 The band have decided to spend the summer working on producing and recording new songs and seeking new members to join the line up with a view to taking the band out on the road towards the end of this year.  


We had an awesome first gig at The Winchester this month, a fun night with a few surprises... Unfortunately we've had to cancel our booking at The Green Room but currently working on booking more dates.

Our single Drive Away the Dark is going to be featured on Sunday's South Live Show on BBC Radio Solent - listen online here at or tune into 96.1FM / 103.8FM or listen on DAB. The show starts at 7pm until 8pm and features unsigned music from the south UK. Listener input is essential to how we do on the show so please listen and text in your comments.

Full details:

Listen in Brighton, Hove & Worthing on 95.3 FM
Listen in Sussex & Surrey on 104-104.8 FM
Listen in Solent & Hampshire on 96.1 FM
Listen in Dorset on 103.8 FM
Listen on-line
Listen on-line
Listen on-line
Listen on-line

Other news is that Wave 105 are having a listen to the single.


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