Peachy Jane Bio

The line up of Peachy from June 2010 - August 2011 was Beca Fludgate on guitar, Vicky Fludgate on vocals, Joules Kilgallon on lead guitar, Leigh Greenham on bass and Jake Daniels on drums. This line up formed over the summer and autumn of 2010 and the band went on to play The Winchester (acoustic), The Hobbit, Poole Park Festival, The Winchester as a full band, Champions, The Four Horse Shoes Festival and finally Swanage Regatta and Carnival. During this time the band did 3 recording sessions, recording Keep the Faith, Crashing Trees, Who Is She and Love is You amongst others. Crashing Trees and Keep the Faith were both played on Hope FM and The Bay Radio.

P eachy Jane's sound from demos from 2006 - 2010 has been compared to Snow Patrol, David Byrne and Neil Young
Fleetwood Mac, The Hour Glass and The Allman Brothers; however, the band's music encompasses an eclectic range of styles from reggae to jazz with a rock twist. Bringing their own unique sound to radio the group has been featured in
Radio olents' "South Live" Demo Panel, to positive reviews.
From 2006-2009 Peachy gigged locally in the South in Bournemouth, Christchurch and Bristol at venues
such as The Litten Tree, The Gander, The Metropole, The Joiners, The Green Room, Champions, Mr Kyps, The Winchester, the iBar, Verwood Legion Club, Rubyz (now The Spire) and Mr Wolfs, Forest FM's Headline, Pointy Field Festival, Bournemouth Fireworks Night 2009 and Unsigned Chart Exposed with band members Dan Kietzmann (lead guitar), Graham Brown (drums) and Steve Chapman and Mike Walker (bass), Jon Barry (lead guitar) and Rob Haines, (drums.)

We have worked with some superb musicians and producers over the years who have taught us and influenced us and helped us develop our music. Our first demos were with John Kelham who helped produce our very first demos, then we worked in bands with Chris Venzi-James, Al Palmer, Dr Zodiac, (Stevie Tremarco), Anthony Grishmann (, Alan Sanford, Martin Condon and Carl Chamberlain until we formed a full band in 2006 with Graham Brown, Dave, Dan Kietzmann and Simon Kang - the band then evolved through various changes of line ups as above until 2009-2010 where we reformed a completely new line up as above with Joules, Leigh and Jake. We have also been supported by local DJ's Tim Heywood (Live Wire Live, Hope FM), Alan Dorey and Tony Warren, (Wired, Forest FM) and Phil Jackson of BBC Radio Solent who have played our songs and helped get the music of Peachy heard and listened to. Big thanks also go to Ian Peterson of Live Wire who has supported us throughout and was at our first gig at The Tripp in 2006.


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