15/06/12: New release - Big Heart Mountain


We have at last finished our new song Little Clouds, here is a simple video for the song, as yet only released on You Tube. The song features Joules Kilgallon ssessioning for us on guitar and bass. Carl Chamberlain recorded and mixed and helped produce the song and also lent us some of his great guitars for use on the track. We had two mixes to choose from in the end and decided to go with the original mix of guitars that we left the studio with intitially as we felt it was better. We've just done a simple video for now as we wanted to get the song out there and heard by people. We hope to start work on something a bit more dynamic soon but are also busy starting to record the next new song for our album so it maybe a while until we can get to it.

Review by Charles Morris: "Little Clouds. Waterford Crystal guitars, cracking lyrics, distinctive and a touch folky vocals. Class! Music by musicians. The charts could do with 'musicians'."




Love Life was written in April 2011 when we were working as a full band. The main instrumentation was done by Beca at home and then the vocals and final mixing was done at Carl Chamberlain's studio in Bournemouth. Carl is an accomplished recording engineer, songwriter and musician and has his own band eden and also plays in several other bands. The video was done by Beca using footage shot in the studio at the time of recording and of a recent acoustic gig at Musicosity on Bournemouth Beach hosted by Nacho Jase which was the first live performance of the song.

Peachy Love Life...review Stu Johnson (Weymouth)

This song is one of their best yet. The brief intro (would have sounded even better if it had gone for another couple of bars) sets the whole rhythm and tone of the song. An acoustic guitar rhythm sound overlayed with a neat electric guitar riff complements Vickys' vocals perfectly for the first verse. The rhythm of the acoustic then cleverly builds the bridge, ready for the chorus...

I'd sure like to know what's going on in Becas' head at this point, because the sound of her guitar becomes more apparent, and combined with what she's actually playing here, it might be described as almost 'menacing'...? that can't be right, can it...? or is it more 'mixed or frustrated emotions'...?

The chorus then comes in nicely, breaking the tension that has been built up.
This is really nice as Vicky pours her heart out, over Vicky’s harmonies in the background. Vickys' voice is very different to many singers. She doesn't 'go with the crowd'... her voice is quite unique. At times there's a sort of emotional vunerability to her voice/singing which i really like. On a purely personal note, I would like to hear just a little more echo/reverb on her voice, or perhaps some double/triple tracking to emphasis this aspect.

Getting back to the song... Breaking the usual 'song format', there is then a small bridge that brings the song into the next verse.
This is another aspect where Peachy Jane differ from a lot of bands, Beca expresses her feelings, and gives the song a great 'feel' through her guitar playing in a way that is a bit different to many guitarists. You can't simply classify her as a rhythm player, oh no...her playing is very much the 'heart' of the song, very emotive, in an almost naive sort of way. (and I hope she'll forgive me for saying that, it is meant as a compliment), because her expressive style is original and certainly leaves its' mark.

The next verse goes along nicely with some neat vocal (tricks)/phrases, and then there's that bridge again...this time even stronger than before, with the edition of a synth? playing some low end notes. Brooding and pondering..?, (sorry Becs..) it hangs onto that last chord as long as it can, almost to breaking point, and then the chorus kicks in, trying to burst the banks of...? frustration...sadness... anger and hurt...? expressing some of the emotional turmoil that is, the 'human condition'...

The final verse ends with an observation...? no... a hard fact, of how precious life is, and how vunerable, we as people, can be....

This is a great song by Beca and Vicky, it's not 'slushy' or pretentious, but tells things as they are.


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